Ipase (Footpath)



The foothpath album was written, produced, and performed by the legendary Afro musician FemiSlide in 2017.

FemiSlide is a gifted, talented, unique, and skilled musician whose dexterity has shown his footpath in life.

He believes that we are not just here to live but to leave distinctive footprints on our footpath in the journey of life.

There are so many paths people are walking on to live life, and each day, they leave their footprints on such paths. We can see some of these paths, and some are hidden from the eye.

In the footpath of life, some are respected for who they are, while some are respected because of what they have acquired.

In the footpath of life, some people stand out because of the words they speak; while some people are condemned by the words they speak.

The album is a reflection of the many things on our hearts. The comfort and the crises in life nurture our purposefulness. Each day, we think, we watch, we move, and in doing so, we leave footprints behind either negatively or positively.

The album is entertaining, educative, and morally loaded with interesting stories, folktales, awesome proverbs, and food for thought.

You will be inspired as you listen.

Thank you for your support of the album – FOOTPATH and the brand FémiSLIDE Entertainment.


Listen to FemiSlide’s Album Here

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